Ghost Writing Busting

July 31, 2016

Ostensibly about Ghost Writing, I talk to radio legend and in demand 'Ghost Writer' Tony Horne about many things. As usual for my interview podcasts, there is no script or notes used.

Here, Tony showed me exactly how it's done. The man weaves words like nobody I know. He's a genius.

We simply sat around his garden, gorged on his BBQ and talked like old friends. Yet, this was our first ever meeting.

Tony makes it sound so easy. I was in awe.

Owing to us being under a slowly setting sun, you'll hear birds on the breeze and the roar of planes overhead too. I won't say where Tony's 'garden' is - but it's utterly delightful.

There is also an appearance from Liverpool band 'The Kulaks'.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!


iPhone iWalk

July 26, 2016

For this quick podcast, I thought I'd use my iPhone to record my wander across the fields. The audio quality is not as good as normal but I thought I'd try the inferior quality of the iPhone  just to see how it would turn out. Anyway, that's why!


Bee Hive

July 25, 2016

I had a really interesting talk with children's author Simon Adepetun about his recently published novel 'The Bee Hive'. It is illustrated by his daughter Toni. It's available in good bookshops and on Amazon too. Check it out.


Real Backing Tracks

June 30, 2016
In this podcast, I chat to Craig Smith - the director of a new backing tracks company based in south Warrington.

His company produces backing tracks that are played by real musicians for singers and instrumentalists.

We had a coffee in my studio and chatted about his brand new company.

Check his website -

Daresbury Hall Inferno

June 29, 2016

Here is a short podcast about the history of Daresbury Hall.


A Less Wonderland

May 28, 2016
A purposely confusing podcast here about Lewis Carroll and the delights of Daresbury and visiting 'a less wonderland' London.

C'mon - 'A Less Wonderland' is a good pun!

Love Forever

May 22, 2016

Quite a lot of people have asked me to create further podcasts where I simply walk with my daughters. So, here's one!

There is no real focus to it other than we walked down the lane next to our house and across to Walton reservoir whilst talking about their upcoming school trips to Venice and Anglesey.

It was a hot late May day and I show off my botany skills!


Fiddlers Ferry Walk

April 14, 2016
Is there anything as wonderful as being with your family?

As a follow up to the previous podcast focussed on Fiddlers Ferry, I took one of my daughters for a walk around the Ferry Tavern for 20 minutes where we had a look at the pub that got flooded a decade ago. We also chatted about the yachts and locks. and now redundant railway line.

It was just a quick walk and chat with my precious princess on a grey, windy day. It was quite exhilarating for that reason.

Fiddlers Ferry

April 10, 2016
After suffering with some sort of virus for a week, I just about got my voice back to talk about Fiddlers Ferry and the walk across the fields towards Walton Reservoir that looks across towards the soon to be redundant power station that rises up on the horizon.

And I had a couple of beers too.

Swings & Waterslides

March 6, 2016

Warrington has always had a rich, talented abundance of raw talent. For some reason, despite this talent, it has proven somewhat difficult for these bands and solo artists to break into the big time.

This was all about to change. Viola Beach were about to break it big.

But, an utterly dreadful event happened to one of the UK's brightest and talented bands.